Adventures on Perth

My campaign is set at the time of early human history, parallel earth (Think Conan the Barbarian). Magical creatures exist, and there are old and powerful gods, but human growth now imposes itself upon the world. It exerts it’s influence; and the wilder things flux back.

The average person at this time is a barbarian tribesman, farmer, or tradesman; the few cities have also introduced many ways of life previously unknown. Service trades, artists, priests, scribes… the list goes on.

Adventurers exist on the fringes of humanity, carving out the wilderness into safe lands, and reaping the bounty of ancient secrets.

Wizard City

Once the wizards of a secret gathering decided to turn outwards to the rest of man, and teach the secrets they had learned about the world.
So they roamed the land, gathering students, teaching magic, and every year they met at one remote, inhospitable place and shared what they had learned.
This gathering eventually became massive, as the classes of wizards educated eventually took on their own students (Think Burning Man, where everyone can shoot magic missiles, and the alchemists have been perfecting their recipes all year.)
Eventually, at one such meeting, they up and decided to build a city in the middle of the waste, raising it from the very earth, they pulled water from deep underground, and created a paradise.
Now, choked with people, it is surrounded by boroughs of common folk who support the city from without, while it is eaten away from within by corruption, crime, and govt. mismanagement.

Adventures on Perth